Julie Dick Law, PA

Areas of Practice

Climate adaptation and mitigation

We represent environmental organizations in federal lobbying and legislative efforts to establish and defend laws and regulations that create opportunities for renewable energy and reduce climate change causing emissions.

We have drafted and co-drafted municipal sustainability plans, sea level rise planning recommendations and resolutions, and extensive legal briefs and comment letters addressing climate related factors and risks. 

We can help identify code and policy changes that will provide opportunities for communities to withstand the impacts of stronger storms and sea level rise. 

We have experience analyzing corporate reporting, ratings, data and research to help our clients understand climate related vulnerabilities and risks posed to corporations. 

Investors are more keenly aware than ever of the financial risks and opportunities that exist as a result of vulnerabilities to climate impacts, planning for a carbon constrained economy and taking advantage of opportunities in clean tech and renewable energy.  We work with investors and companies to identify strengths and weaknesses in climate related practices, emissions and reporting and improve decisions and practices.


Coastal conservation

Florida has vast expanses of coastline that includes two national parks, a 2,900 square mile national marine sanctuary, a network of 41 aquatic preserves and 4 estuaries within the National Estuary Program.  The interplay of state and federally managed coastline present unique options for zoning and management in a manner that is consistent with the designated use, resource protection and preservation of user experiences.  We work with individuals, local governments and nonprofit organizations to advocate for measures to responsibly manage coastal resources.



Comprehensive plans, sustainability plans and sea level rise adaptation

Florida Statute requires coastal communities to include planning for sea level rise in their comprehensive plans.   We have great familiarity with comprehensive plan update processes, including climate and sea level rise planning, coastal zone management and land use and conservation planning. 

We work with local governments and NGOs to develop and advocate for sustainability plans and comprehensive plan elements that meet their goals to adapt to and plan for sea level rise, improve quality of life for residents through  responsible planning and conserve and protect valuable natural resources.




Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis and benchmarking

We provide research and analysis of company performance on ESG factors. Investors and consumers are demanding that environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities are accounted for by public companies.  We have extensive experience analyzing sustainability reporting and ratings analysis and have capacity to help clients understand corporate performance and reporting on the specific issues that matter to them. 



First party insurance litigation

We represent policy holders in disputes with their insurance companies for property insurance claims.  

 The impacts and challenges of dealing with a hurricane are difficult for anyone affected by a storm.  We understand how to navigate the process of making claims and litigating disputed claims.  We zealously advocate in the Courts for a favorable interpretation of the insurance policy in each case, and conduct a comprehensive analysis of all the damages suffered.



Government relations and lobbying

We work on federal lobbying and legislative efforts to advocate for climate action and environmental and natural resource protection. 

We are seasoned professionals with experience advocating to municipal, county, and state governments on behalf of our clients.



Land use and zoning law

We work with property owners to navigate the building code, land use requirements, and zoning requirements for their property.   

We help property owners, homeowners associations and NGOs defend the character and quality of life in their communities.  




National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis

The National Environmental Policy Act requires the federal government undertake an Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement prior to taking major federal action.   Decisions are made based on the administrative record.  We get involved at each step along the way of the NEPA process to make the legal and policy arguments for our client’s desired outcome. 



Toxic tort, contaminated property and solid waste

We have successfully worked on multiple litigation and administrative law matters connected to landfills, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Superfund Amendments of the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act, and toxic tort.    The firm provides research, analysis and expertise on substantive environmental law matters in connection with toxic tort and environmental claims.

We have conducted extensive analysis of waste practices of corporations to inform socially responsible investing decisions. 


Water law and the Clean Water Act

We understand the permitting process at the federal, state and local level for dredge and fill of wetland areas and coastal environments. 

We have experience working on various Clean Water Act matters, including participating in Use Attainability Analysis rulemakings, litigating citizen suits and comment writing and advocacy in connection with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits.